The Evaluation, Selection and Implementation Enterprise Resources Planning System: ERP & Industry 4.0

Seminar Abstract:

An ERP system is a framework for organizing, defining, and standardizing the organization’s business processes necessary to effectively plan and control all aspects of the organization so that its internal knowledge and expertise can seek Customer, Supplier, Investment, and external advantage.

Given the complexity and investment requirement of an ERP system it is vitally important for success that a cross-functional, user steering team, analyzes, and documents the organization’s requirements in a consensual ‘System Requirement Document’ before any consideration is given to a wide variety of ERP offerings available in the marketplace.

The cost of failure is humongous, often involving many people to ‘nurse’ a failing system by inputting and re-inputting critical data, always prone to error and miscalculation.  The ‘people’ cost, however, can be the most significant – low morale.

A successful implementation will relieve the organization of all the traditional algorithmic activities, maintain the organization’s data in a single, accessible place, thus releasing employees to perform the more satisfying heuristic activities and concentrating upon success and customer satisfaction.  As with any change, the paradigm is ‘people’, motivated and trained people can make any system successful.

In essential, it is a three-stage process, based upon the Law of Diffusion of Innovation.  This Law requires the “WHY” to change, the “HOW” to effectively achieve the change, and the “WHAT” the method for realizing the WHY.

Industry 4.0

We are currently experiencing the fourth version of manufacturing. We are in Industry 4.0.  Call it the factory of the future or the internet of things but embracing the digitization of manufacturing could mean the difference between life and death for your company.

The following are 9 key areas of Industry 4.0 that are being incorporated into manufacturing in the United States.  Missouri Enterprise would like to assist you as you venture down the path to tomorrow and success.

Artificial Reality / Virtual Reality, Big Data, Autonomous Robots, 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing, Simulation, System Integration, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity